Exciting News: Expanding Counseling Support at Chaffey High School

Dear Chaffey Students and Families,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that will significantly enhance our school's counseling services. We are pleased to announce that we will be adding two additional counselors to our team, bringing the total number of counselors to nine. This strategic expansion allows us to transition to a grade level model and maintain our Newcomer/ELD specialist, providing more tailored services to our students at each grade level.

The benefits of this new model are:

Personalized Support: With dedicated counselors for each grade and for students in our Newcomer/ELD program, students and their families will have consistent and personalized guidance throughout their high school journey. Counselors will get to know the unique needs and aspirations of each grade.

Transition: As students progress through high school, the continuity of working with the same counselor within their grade level fosters strong relationships and a deeper understanding of their academic and personal goals.

Collaboration: With the exception of our Newcomer Specialist, our counselors will work in teams of two, allowing for collaboration and shared expertise. This teamwork will enable us to provide a broader range of services and resources to better support our students’ personal, college, and career development.

Our new counseling teams will be as follows:

9th Grade: Mrs. Ybanez and our new counselor

10th Grade: Mr. Dean and our new counselor

11th Grade: Mr. Hernandez and Mrs. Jeffrey

12th Grade: Mr. Santia and Mrs. Bertone

Newcomer/ELD Specialist: Mr. Rangel

This transition will begin in November/December, and we aim to achieve full implementation by January, when we return from Winter Break. We believe this change will have a profoundly positive impact on our students' high school experience.

To provide you with more information and an opportunity to meet your child's counseling team, we will be hosting grade level Counseling Nights in November (see attached flier for details). During these events, you'll hear more about the many opportunities and benefits that this model brings.

We are excited about this new chapter in our commitment to student success. If you have any questions or would like more information, please don't hesitate to reach out to me or Mr. Woolery, Assistant Principal of Instruction.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. Martinez, Proud Principal