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Cum Laude Society

Academic Recognition for Graduates of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District

Seniors earn academic recognition and regalia when demonstrating consistent academic success for the first seven semesters of high school.  A cumulative and weighted GPA from the totality of those seven semesters will determine eligibility for the achievements below. There is no application required. 

Academic Recognitions:

Students automatically qualify if they achieve the following:

  • Honor Roll                                  0 – 3.49 GPA
  • Principal’s Honor Roll                3.5 – 3.74 GPA
  • Cum Laude                                3.75 and higher GPA (no unremediated Ds or Fs)
  • Superintendent’s Honor Roll* All As in every course in grades 9-11.

* Superintendent’s Honor Roll is a unique recognition handed out in 1st semester of the senior year as it is dependent upon students’ course grades from Grades 9-11.

 Determining GPAs:

  • D and F grades may be remediated for all three categories (except for Superintendent’s Honor Roll) and must be remediated by end of first semester of the senior year
  • Grades can only be remediated through exact course remediation (g. prep Bio for prep Bio and honors Bio for honors Bio)
  • GPAs are determined by a cumulative and weighted GPA through the seventh semester