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Academic Decathlon


Mr. Steven Mercado

Jennifer Escobedo Sigala
Assistant Coach

Congratulations to Chaffey High School's Academic Decathlon Team!

The Chaffey Academic Decathlon program is one of the premier programs at both the County and State levels.  Chaffey won the San Bernardino County Championship in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. In 2014 and 2018, the team reached its high watermark with 6th Place finishes in the California Academic Decathlon.  Chaffey’s team has finished in the California Top 10 in eight of the past fifteen years. Between 2009 and 2018 Chaffey was one of only two schools in California to qualify for Division I. Most impressively, Chaffey has more San Bernardino County Championships this century than any other school. 


Moreover, Chaffey has had seven Individual Overall County Champions in the past 16 years in addition to over 200 individual award winners. 


Below is a summary of Chaffey’s County and State award-winning finishes over the past 39 years. Chaffey holds the distinction of being the only school in San Bernardino County to finish in the Top Three for seventeen consecutive years and the only team in San Bernardino County history to finish more than five times in the California Top 10.  


2023: San Bernardino County Champions, 8th Place in State

2022: San Bernardino County Champions, 7th Place in State

2021: 3rd Place in County; Division III finish at State (2nd Place)
2020: 4th Place in County; Division II finish at State (28th overall)

2019: 3rd Place in County; 3rd Place Division II at State (20th overall)
2018: San Bernardino County Champions, 6th Place in State
2017: San Bernardino County Champions, 11th Place in State
2016: San Bernardino County Champions, 13th Place in State
2015: San Bernardino County Champions, 10th Place in State
2014: San Bernardino County Champions; 6th Place in State
2013: San Bernardino County Champions; 7th Place in State
2012: San Bernardino County Champions; 17th Place in State
2011: 2nd Place in County; 20th Place in State
2010: San Bernardino County Champions; 8th Place in State
2009: San Bernardino County Champions; 9th Place in State
2008: 2nd Place in County
2007: 2nd Place in County
2006: 2nd Place in County
2005: 2nd Place in County
2004: 3rd Place in County
2003: 3rd Place in County
2002: 4th Place in County
2001: 5th Place in County
2000: 3rd Place in County
1999: 5th Place in County
1991: 3rd Place in County
1988: 3rd Place in County

For the past 27 years the Chaffey Academic Decathlon Program has been led by head coach Steven Mercado. Assistant coaches have included Patty Gulino (23 years), Tom James (19 years), Erin Banis (4 years), John Fort (4 years) and Jennifer Escobedo Sigala (2 years).